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Our Business

Our primary business currently is broken into 3 categories.

1. Industrial Portable Infrared Heaters

2. High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) industrial ceiling fans

3. Raw Materials/Agricultural products for the Food and Beverage Industry

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Val6 Portable Infrared Heaters

J.S.O’will, Inc., is the exclusive sales arm in the United States for the Val6 Infrared Heaters manufactured by Shizuoka Seiki (Japan). The first Val6 heater was manufactured in 1974 in Japan. Known for their quality and efficiency, the Val6 heaters quickly established themselves as the #1 industrial portable space heater in Japan for the last 45 plus years and as the most established infrared space heater in the US for the past 20 years. We currently have an established sales network of distributors and dealers throughout the US whose sole purpose is to the serve all Val6 users anytime, anywhere. Using our nationally established distributors/dealers, we are readily able to supply heaters, parts, and technical service where needed.

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High Volume, Low Speed (HVLS) Fans

We have quickly established our presence in the HVLS market as the exclusive distributor for MacroAir fans in Japan. As the original company to invent the big industrial ceiling fan, MacroAir continues to be a leader in the HVLS market by continuously developing innovative fans that promote the highest quality, energy efficiency and airflow so that it provides overall, the most comfortable atmosphere for its users. At J.S.O’will, Inc. we not only export MacroAir fans internationally, but also look to provide product and service here in the US. (For specific locations, please see MacroAir under our Service and Products section).

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Raw Materials/Agricultural Products For the Food and Beverage Industry

As a subsidiary of our parent company, O’will Corporation, we help source raw materials used by our customers for the food and beverage industry. O’will is one of the leading suppliers for Vitamin C (powder) holding about 13% of the Japanese market. In addition, O’will is also one of the largest companies to supply products in the Milk and Dairy industry (such as pasteurized milk, concentrated milk, powdered milk) boasting a 10% market share, the highest in the private sector. They also procure products such as juices, puree, fresh fruit and vegetables, including extracts and powders for their customers.